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About the Centre

Our Aims

  • Global surveillance of pathogens using whole genome sequencing.
  • Understanding drug resistance, emergence and spread.
  • Providing actionable data.

Our Approach

  • Structured large-scale pathogen surveys and sequencing.
  • Provision of tools for data integration, visualisation and interpretation.

The Centre for Genomic Pathogen Surveillance (CGPS) is a joint initiative between Imperial College London and the Wellcome Genome Campus, and is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Our Tools

Meet the team

    • Dr. Silvia Argimón

      Genomic Epidemiologist

    • Dr. Sophia David

      Postdoctoral Fellow

    • Vikki Cohen

      Lab Manager

    • Dr. Khalil Abudahab

      Web Developer

    • Richard Goater

      Web Developer

    • Dr. Corin Yeats

      Computational Biologist

    • Mirko Menegazzo

      Epicollect Lead

    • Dr. Monica Abrudan

      Postdoctoral Fellow

    • Andrew Aikman

      Software Developer

    • Ben Taylor

      Software Developer

  • Dr. David Aanensen


  • Dr. Simon Harris

    Head of Population Genomics

  • Dr. Zamin Iqbal

    Associate Scientist

Getting in Touch

Please send a message to or telephone +44 (0)7799 768336.

Where to find us

Imperial College London

Dept. Infectious Disease Epidemiology
St. Mary's Campus
W2 1NY

Wellcome Genome Campus

Room EP201
CB10 1SA