Global Reach

The World Health Organisation has declared that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the biggest dangers to global health.

To tackle AMR, we provide universal surveillance strategies at scale, facilitating rapid analysis and enabling the training of experts worldwide.

Local Impact

The CGPS is committed to making our expertise in genomic pathogen surveillance as accessible as our data and tools.

We build capacity in sequencing, informatics, financial management, data collection and analysis.

Open Access


Sequence data generated through our research alliances are deposited in public repositories (such as the ENA and NCBI) and shared via our software platforms


We develop easy-to-use software tools to make data integration, visualisation and interpretation accessible to all.


We invest in structured, large-scale surveys to provide high-quality public population data.


Together with the Wellcome Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences Team, we deliver annual workshops designed to equip upcoming surveillance leaders with tools and methods.