We work at the Cutting Edge of Genomic Technologies

Free and easy-to-use mobile data-gathering platform

  • Drag and drop form builder for questionnaires.
  • Photos, videos, audio and barcodes can be added.
  • Geotag data as they are collected.
  • Downloadable and editable for ease of data collection and privacy.
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Open data visualisation and sharing for genomic epidemiology

  • Definable and editable metadata fields for to display on visualisations.
  • Pin-point time specific events using the time time-slider.
  • Endorsed by CDC, ECDC and PHE for routine investigation of public health incidents
  • Visualise and explore trees linked to geographic locations.
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A global platform for genomic surveillance

  • Fast predictions of resistant genotypes and clustering.
  • Real-time analytics and genomic epidemiology.
  • Facilitates processing, clustering and exploration of whole genome assemblies.
  • Easily integrates with Epicollect.
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Open-source, modular, and extensible data integration

  • Effortless integration through data transformation pipelines.
  • Friction-free data sharing.
  • Compose pipelines within the user interface.
  • Funded and used by CDC.
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