CGPS/NCTC Pilot EQA for Phenotypic and Genomic AMR prediction

CGPS have teamed up with the National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC) to produce a pilot EQA for laboratories to demonstrate proficiency and performing antimicrobial sensitivity testing for bacterial samples and to confirm which genomic determinants responsible for antimicrobial resistance are present.

Tackling Anti-Microbial Resistance: Country Innovation

With the UK National Institute for Health Research, CGPS has supported four countries - Colombia, India, Nigeria and the Philippines - to enhance their use of genomic methods, using tools and innovation to provide real-time surveillance and epidemiology within their national policies and health systems.

New Insights into High Priority Pathogens

CGPS has close working partnerships with WHO and public health authorities, including the US Centre for Disease Control, the European CDC, and Public Health England. With these international partners, CGPS contributed to important epidemiological findings for high priority pathogens.

Real-Time Epidemiology for COVID-19

CGPS is pleased to be a partner in the UK consortium on COVID-19 genomics (COG), that aims to link local sequencing centres with large scale facilities from across the UK to apply real-time genomic epidemiology to our understanding and ability to respond to the pandemic.

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