We work at the Cutting Edge of Genomic Technologies

Mobile and Web Application for Free and Easy Data Collection

Popular and versatile Mobile data gathering platform, used across the globe and across multiple disciplines.

  • Mobile-friendly drag and drop form builder produces easy-to-use questionnaires.
  • Photos, videos, audio and even barcodes can be added.
  • Geotag data as they are collected.
  • Downloadable projects for offline data collection.
  • Easily editable for personal branding and privacy.

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Processing and Visualisation of Microbial Genome Sequences in Pylogenetic and Geographical Contexts

Our leading global platform for genomic surveillance of microbial pathogens. Real-time analytics and genomic epidemiology.

  • Fast predictions of resistant genotypes and clustering.
  • Facilitates processing, clustering and exploration of microbial genome assemblies.
  • Processes of whole genome assemblies and EpiCollect for generic metadata gathering

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Open Data Visualisation and Sharing

Interactive visualisation of trees, geographic data, and temporal data.

  • Simple intuitive online visualisations for fast, comprehensive investigations, for sharing and promoting reproducibility
  • Definable metadata fields with editable colours and shapes to display on visualisualisation.
  • Pin-point time specific events using the time time-slider.
  • Endorsed by CDC, ECDC and PHE for routine investigation of public health incidents
  • Easy to upload, visualise and explore trees linked to geographic locations

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Open-source Extensible Data Integration

Effortlessly integrate and build data transformation pipelines.

  • Friction-free data sharing
  • Compose pipelines within the user interface
  • Funded and used by CDC

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