Dr. Anthony Underwood

Bioinformatics Implementation Manager


An advocate for translational bioinformatics, taking best practice approaches from research and implementing them in the public health domain. Focused on making reproducible open source pipelines accessible to all.

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After completing an undergraduate degree in Microbiology at Bristol University and a PhD in molecular infectious disease at Oxford University I went on to research the molecular biology of parasitic worms at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. This gave me a background in genomics that pivoted into the application of computational biology in an applied public health setting within Public Health England. After almost 20 years in PHE I decided to apply the experience I gained there of designing analytical pipelines in public health to implementation of open-access genomic analyses. Joining the CGPS team enabled me to work with partners across the globe to find ways of processing, interpreting, visualising and sharing pathogen genome data independent of place and working within the setting-specific resource boundaries.


Pathogen Pipelines



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