Dr. Dawn Muddyman

Head of Operations and Programme Management


With more than a decade’s experience in genomics operations and strategic management, leads cross-functional project teams to successfully deliver £multi-million flagship programmes of research.

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After completing degrees in Epidemiology and Public Health (Cambridge University), I interned at the World Health Organisation’s Department for HIV/AIDS, igniting my passion to work on projects geared towards global health and disease prevention. I moved into genomics just as the sector began to take off, project managing – at the time – the world’s largest human genome sequencing project (UK10K). I’ve since worked on initiatives to improve health outcomes through rapid, actionable reports in malaria-endemic regions, and was involved in the 100,000 Genomes Project. Before joining the CGPS I led product and programme delivery at a precision medicine software spin-out (Congenica), implementing a clinical decision support platform to interpret genomic data.


  • Muddyman. The UK10K Project: 10,000 UK genome sequences – accessing the role of rare genetic variants in health and disease. In Zeggini, Morris, editors. Assessing rare variation in complex traits: design and analysis and genetic studies (2015) pp87-105
  • Muddyman et al. Implementing a successful data-management framework: the UK10K managed access model. Genome Medicine (2013), 5:100

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