Dr. Khalil Abudahab

Principal Software Developer


Engineers software for data visualisation and integration.

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After completing my PhD in belief rule-based knowledge modelling from Manchester Business School (https://mbs.ac.uk), I joined the CGPS as a software enginner. I develop and maintain various software including Microreact (https://microreact.org/), PhyloCanvas (http://phylocanvas.org/), Pathogen.watch (https://pathogen.watch/), and Data-flo (https://data-flo.io/).


  • Phandango: an interactive viewer for bacterial population genomics
    J Hadfield, NJ Croucher, RJ Goater, K Abudahab, DM Aanensen, et al.
    Bioinformatics 34 (2), 292-293
  • Microreact: visualizing and sharing data for genomic epidemiology and phylogeography
    S Argimón, K Abudahab, RJE Goater, A Fedosejev, J Bhai, C Glasner, et al.
    Microbial Genomics 2 (11)
  • Public health surveillance of multidrug-resistant clones of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Europe: a genomic survey
    SR Harris, MJ Cole, G Spiteri, L Sánchez-Busó, D Golparian, et al.
    The Lancet Infectious Diseases
  • Epidemic of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in Europe is driven by nosocomial spread
    S David, S Reuter, SR Harris, C Glasner, T Feltwell, S Argimon, et al.
    Nature microbiology, 1-11
  • Diversification of Colonization Factors in a Multidrug-Resistant Escherichia coli Lineage Evolving under Negative Frequency-Dependent Selection
    A McNally, T Kallonen, C Connor, K Abudahab, DM Aanensen, C Horner, et al.
    mBio 10 (2), e00644-19
  • PANINI: Pangenome Neighbor Identification for Bacterial Populations
    K Abudahab, JM Prada, Z Yang, SD Bentley, NJ Croucher, J Corander, et al.
    bioRxiv, 174409

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