Mihir Kekre

Operations Lead - Next Generation Sequencing


Supports the assembly of cost-effective genomics-powered clinical research laboratories with an eventual focus of scaling them for actionable national public health.

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As the NGS Ops Lead for our NIHR Global Health Research Unit, Mihir is responsible for the delivery of projects in Africa, Asia and South America focused on lab asset creation, comprehensive hands-on training and sustainability of long-term operations, often in resource-limited settings.

Mihir has extensive experience designing, automating and scaling fully-functional labs centred around next generation genome sequencing. Previously, he has led the development and maturation of Wellcome Sanger's largest product line (WGS and Genotyping) within the Institute's commercial core.


Course Trainer / Developer:

Train the Trainer: Capacity building for genomic surveillance of AMR in low- and middle-income countries. Wellcome Genome Campus, UK. Find out more.


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