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For many low- and middle-income countries, managing grant funds is a significant aspect of programme activity, and may put pressure on management systems [1].

Sustainable business practices are integral to initiating and maintaining new programmes in low- and middle- income countries. Sustainable practices include the consistent implementation of standards and quality assurance for supply chain, procurement, and financial management, human resource management, as well as ensuring ongoing governance and financial sustainability.

GFGP provides a common framework for how grantees financially manage grants.

For most organisations, the potential benefits include:

  • increasing the confidence of grantors to fund directly to grantees;
  • reduce the cost and administration time for both grantors and grantees, including reducing the costs of multiple of audits and financial assessments; and
  • enable targeted financial capacity building by grantors[3].

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[2] WHO 2017. Developing a National Health Financing Strategy: a reference guide. WHO Geneva (Health Financing Guidance Series No 3)