Paul Carvalho

Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) Consultant

Paul is a Good Financial Grant Practice standard (GFGP) consultant within the CGPS team. As part of the NIHR Global Health Research Unit project, Paul assists partners in Nigeria, the Philippines, Colombia and India comply with the GFGP standard as well as working with other global partners to drive the uptake and utility of the standard.
Paul has a post graduate degree in finance and experience working with the Indian taxation system. Before joining CGPS, he completed a two year long fellowship offered by a mental health research organization called Sangath in Goa, India. In which he was part of the team that achieved the world’s first silver-tier GFGP certification, playing an important role in drafting and implementing the procedures that were part of the certification. Paul also has a diploma in applied financial risk management from the Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, India.