Meet the Team

Professor David Aanensen


Provides data and tools for local and international utility, focusing on AMR and genomic surveillance.

Dr. Monica Abrudan

Postdoctoral Fellow - Data Modelling

Focuses on the occurrence of high-risk antimicrobial resistant clones.

Dr. Khalil Abudahab

Principal Software Developer

A full-stack developer who enjoys engineering software for data visualisation and integration.

Dr. Silvia Argimón

Genomic Epidemiologist

Analyses pathogen populations to understand the global spread of AMR.

Dr. Sophia David

Postdoctoral Fellow - Epidemiology

Primary focus on carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae, a group of bacteria that can resist last-line of defence antibiotics.

Richard Goater

Principal Software Developer

Leads development on the centre's visual outputs, and works on all layers of the software stack.

Harry Harste

Finance Implementation Manager

Manages teams, budgets, financial and operational systems, policies, processes and procedures.

Mihir Kekre

Operations Lead - Next Generation Sequencing

Oversees clinical lab design, quality assurance, functionality and sustainability of genome sequencing technology in remote and low-middle income countries.

Mirko Menegazzo

Epicollect Lead

Lead software developer focused on web and mobile applications.

Dr. Dawn Muddyman

Head of Operations and Programme Management

Directs operational strategy and policies. Oversees programme, project and product delivery. Manages stakeholder engagement.

Dr. Leonor Sánchez-Busó

Public Health Bioinformatician

Analyses antimicrobial resistance and population dynamics in the gonococcus.

Ben Taylor

Principal Software Developer

A highly skilled engineer who enjoys the challenge of making code run quickly and reliably.

Dr. Anthony Underwood

Bioinformatics Implementation Manager

Translates biological science into systems which impact bioinformatic approaches.

Dr. Nicole Wheeler

Postdoctoral Fellow - Machine Learning

Uses statistics and machine learning to gain novel insights from data.

Dr. Corin Yeats

Computational Biologist

Bioinformatics researcher and senior software engineer with a background in genomics, protein function and evolution.