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We support organisations to become certified under the Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) international standard. We have successfully supported organisations to achieve bronze, silver and gold certification.

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What support can we provide?

We provide a range of technical and capacity support for GFGP certification, including support throughout the GFGP self-assessment and certification process.


  • Perform implementation visits to all partners to assess current GFGP compliance
  • Create customised roadmaps to full compliance & GFGP certification
  • Support partners to implement their GFGP roadmaps
  • Develop a customised approach to efficiently implement the GFGP standard from bronze through to platinum tiers.

For further information about how we can support your organization, please contact Paul Carvalho, GFGP consultant at [email protected].


Implementation visits & meetings

Ibadan (Nigeria) & AGROSAVIA (Colombia) remote GFGP workshop, facilitated in collaboration with Humentum.

January 2019

RITM (Philippines) GFGP diagnostic assessment visit

August 2019

OUCRU GFGP workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia.

November 2022

Ibadan (Nigeria) GFGP diagnostic assessment visit, with the collaboration of Humentum.

July 2019

Second GHRU consortium annual meeting, GFGP workshop,

June 2019

RITM online GFGP workshop, Philippines.

January 2023

AGROSAVIA (Colombia) GFGP diagnostic assessment visit.

November 2019

KIMS (India) GFGP diagnostic assessment visit

August 2019

Paul's 1st GFGP workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia (OUCRU).

November 2022